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6A/ 6B Traveled Exeter to see

In Exeter we spent a week

We had to look for it and seek

A school with teachers very nice

The ones at IPC’s got the prize.

Our English got better day by day

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

With hosts so smart and cool and kind

New friends was easy there to find.

Exeter Cathedral - what a sight!

We visited in broad daylight.

Where in the Lady’s Chapel a candle we lit

To say a prayer to keep us healthy and fit.

Round Devon we travelled most of the time

Even though the sun didn’t always shine.

We didn’t mind one afternoon bad

Had Fish’n Chips and shopping instead.

On a beautiful walk along the coast in spring

In Tintagel we could meet Arthur - the great king.

The gun tower of Dartmouth’s castle was impressive as well

And we also could hear its church’s bell.

When the day had come to say goodbyes

Most of us nearly had tears in their eyes.

Thank you so much for organising this trip

Mrs. Rosenkranz and Mrs. Lenz, you’re really a hit!

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