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Romeo and Juliet: performed by the 2D

Blog by the 2D

topic: Romeo and Juliet - performed by the 2D

date: June 8th,2017 location: Aula Tanzenberg

time: 18:30

How exciting! Only 30 minutes to go and we are performing Romeo and Juliet on stage – in the aula of Tanzenberg. We are getting nervous, our hands are trembling and we can hear our hearts beating.

time: 19:00

Let’s go! Wow! Great! So many people are watching us. Everything is perfect: our texts, our performance on stage and, of course, our looks 😊

time: 19:46

Brush up your Shakespeare – the end. Standing ovations: parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins and many other fans (including a lot of our teachers) are overwhelmed. Our teachers Mrs. Eder and Mrs. Weitensfelder are proud – very proud, very proud, very proud.

time: 21:30

Back home! What a wonderful day! We got so much positive feedback. We will all dream of Romeo and Juliet. That’s such a nice story which teaches us that fighting is nonsense – how true. Even in 2017!

time: 22:00

Falling asleep. Thanks for reading.

Many thanks go to Mrs. Eder for her splendid work as a stage director, to Mrs. Weitensfelder for teaching us the best language in the world, to Mrs. Shakiri for her magnificent drawings and her marvellous decorations, to Mr. Maringer for the technical support, to Mr. Jabornig for being the best facility manager ever, to Mrs. Thaler for practising the dance with the girls, to Max Rukavina for filming the event, to Max Happerger for taking pics. Very special thanks go to Maggy Rukavina for writing our play according to the original story by Shakespeare, which is very impressive (she is only in her second year of English and already writing plays!). Additionally, she did the dance choreography with the girls. Brilliant work, Maggy!

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