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Eastbourne 2018

As we awoke early in the morning on 17th October to reach Salzburg airport, we weren’t quite sure what to expect from our journey to Eastbourne. After arriving at Gatwick, the next stop was Windsor. The weather there was very English, but the castle (and the fudge) were wonderful. Over the next couple of days, we got to know our host families in Eastbourne. Against our expectations, we only went to school once, because our teachers Mr. Rampetsreiter and Mrs. Weitensfelder were more focused on experiencing England. Accompanied by cloudless skies, we saw the shimmering coast with its stunning white chalk cliffs at Beachy Head. This was definitely a highlight, plus we also had some free time at the beach (almost without any injuries). Furthermore, we attended an Anglican mass and had tea and biscuits afterwards. We also saw interesting castles like Herstmonceux and Hever. After admiring the gigantic ship “Mary Rose”, we took a ferry from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight. Next, London was calling. Seeing all the buildings with which we were - because of the media - so familiar because of the media, we fell in love with this city. Guided by our teachers, we passed Buckingham palace, strolled through Oxford Street, shivered in the London Dungeon, saw Tower Bridge, toured the Houses of Parliament and, most importantly, experienced London life. It was marvellous. Then all of a sudden the week had passed, and we were heading back to the airport in the middle of the night. After a troublesome landing in Salzburg, our stay was over. After all, everyone had a great time and I think we all left with new experiences and friendship. The memory of this trip will stay with us forever. For just as with music, even if it’s over, it will never actually be gone.

Johannes Huber, 6a

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